Kaushal Vishu

Blending Indian culture to western design silhouettes.

About Kaushal Vishu

Kaushal Vishukumar (from Mysore, India) is a young and dynamic designer who stepped early into the world of fashion. He is an entrepreneur, an award-winning fashion designer, and a creative director.

He is passionate about his art and industry, and belongs to a generation that is increasingly looking to channel skills into business opportunities. He is excited to contribute with his work, and bring forward the fusion between western and Indian cultures into the world.

Work & Collections

Mysore Fashion – Utsava

Utsava in association with various partners held the Mysuru Fashion Utsava at the Mysore Golf Club in 2017. A first of its kind fashion show organized in the heritage city, it witnessed the most sought-after designers of India and the world. Noted international designers from the U.S. including Clavon Leonard from New York, Baccio from Miami, and Catherine Henricio from New Jersey presented their designs at the show. Mysuru based fashion entrepreneur Kaushal Vishu, the man behind the Mysuru Fashion Utsava, also showcased his designs at the show.

Fashion Shows

Over the past few years Kaushal Vishu participated, organized and influenced several fashion shows, in India, and in the United States. He conceived and directed more than 80 shows in New York, Virginia, Miami, Karnataka, Kerala, Mysore, and Tamil Nadu. Kaushal has worked with some of the leading brands, designers and celebrities in the industry.

Costume Design & Movies

Kaushal has also entered the film industry, as a costume designer, and fashion director, in movies such Uruvi and Babru.

Contact Kaushal

“For me, fashion is all about expressing yourself with what you wear. Ultimately, its about being comfortable and looking best.”

Events & Shows

Kaushal Vishu is a fashion #designer, #runway director and #costume designer.
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